Aims  of MMDNE 


The following are main objectives of MMDNE

  • The overall development of the Child with intellectual/physical disability from the migrant/Minority communities.
  • That Migrant/Minority Child with disability like every other child is treated with empathy, respect and love.
  • Working alongside families and children from Migrant/Minority communities to collaborate with other agencies and group to ensure the care delivered is Person Centred.
  • Liaise with families and relevant agencies in the gathering of accurate data of the population of children from Migrant/Minority communities living in Europe
  • Ensuring Confidentiality is maintained at all times.
  • That the Care provided is carried out in a Holistic manner, by ensuring that the children with disability and their families are treated with respect and upholding their beliefs and religion.


  • Advocate and promote inclusion for children with disability born to parents from the Migrant/Minority community.
  • Liaise with maternity hospitals, General hospital, social workers, medical staff, nursing staff/care staff, occupational therapist, psychologist, special needs assistant, speech and language therapist teachers and other referral bodies.


Advocacy service for parents and carers for children with intellectual disability.

Provide support to families on any issues relating to the welfare of a child with disability i.e.: housing issues, GP and Specialist appointments and the process of understanding the illness of their children.

Supporting families by attending appointment organised by the health service such as   speech and language therapist, early services Clinical Psychologist, Occupational therapist etc.

Educating the families on the importance of home training drawn up by the health professionals

Providing support to parents from non-English speaking parents

Working alongside families and health professionals through the assessment process.

Organise training sessions for parents on issues which would be relevant to their needs with coping strategy on how best to help their children reach each individual milestone of  development.

MMDN Europe has adopted the four basic principles of the children’s right;

  • the right to survival and development; respect for the best interests of the child;
  • the right to be heard;
  • the right of all children to enjoy all of the Convention’s rights without discrimination.
  • the right to be protection from all forms of abuse, neglect and exploitation, including sexual and economic, and to freedom of thought, conscience and religion (UN 1989).

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